Cheap SHOES??

I love getting deals.  And I love shoes. One thing we all have to have is shoes.  And as any of you parents out there know, kids will outgrow shoes a few times throughout the school year, and shoes aren’t cheap (my preschooler’s shoes at Target are now creeping into the over $20 range now!)  This year I figured out how to get shoes at a really inexpensive price that has saved my family beaucoup moolah.

For back-to-school shoe shopping, I went to Shoe Carnival. They have a pretty good selection of athletic shoes, sandals, slides, whatever we need for school and beyond.

Here’s what I did: I signed up for their Shoe Perks membership.  With that, I get 1 point for every $1 I spend (points never expire). When I earn 200 points, they send me a $10 certificate! Well…did I mention we did back-to-school shoe shopping there? With 3 kids, we pretty much needed to get 2 pair of shoes per kid, and then my husband and I got a pair each.  They usually do a BOGO 1/2 OFF sale before school starts back, so we went there for that sale.  And much to our surprise, the “buy one” shoes are usually on a special sale as well!

SO we bought 4 shoes (all of which happened to be on sale) and got the other 4 shoes for half-price. While in the store, I checked the internet to see if we were getting the best deals, and we certainly were, so off to the register we went.  I told them we were a Shoe Perks member, then they sent us over to spin this big wheel full of discounts.  We spun and got $4 off our purchase (woohoo!  Bonus!).

I soon got an email saying I had earned a $10 rewards certificate from my Shoe Perks points!   I waited and watched the emails that kept coming in from Shoe Carnival, and I saw one that said they would give an extra 30% off my purchase.  My daughter’s Nike slides had started to rip a little, so I went online to their website, clicked my Ebates button to get 3% back off my purchase, ordered the slides, applied my $10 reward, got free shipping because I’m a Shoe Perks member, and my grand total for the shoes was $8.00! Voila! Cheap shoes!  Plus I’ll get $0.25 back through my Ebates (more on Ebates another day)!

I have another $10 reward sitting in my account waiting for the next child who says, “Mama, my shoes are getting tight…”

A685AFCC-A972-41AC-807B-D0ABFB2ACF6EFollow this link to join Ebates and start saving money on all kinds of things!

How To Save Money While Shopping at Walmart

Today I want to share something that saves me a little bit of money here and there. I’m gonna be honest.  I am not a huge fan of Walmart. I mean the parking lot is always full, there are usually only like 2 cashiers working and the lines are long, and if you’ve ever Googled “People of Walmart,” well…I’ll leave that right there. But their prices are pretty hard to beat, and there’s practically one on every corner, so it’s necessary some days.

So here’s how to save money at Walmart:

1. Download the Walmart app.

2. Once you’ve checked out, open the app and go to Savings Catcher. Scan the barcode or QR code at the bottom of your receipt.

That’s it! Walmart then checks all their competitors to see if anything you bought is being sold cheaper. If it is, they will give you the difference! I did it for back-to-school shopping and got the best prices without having to drive around to 10 different stores.4E39850C-0EA4-4120-89F1-2DBA72D21807

As you can see, I made $8.73 back from items that were on sale at the other retailers! I’ve made over $80 since I got the app last year, and like I said, I don’t go there that often!

Like I always say, every little bit counts! Happy saving, mamas!